8 May, 2019

Windows 10 Migration what are the key points?

As of July 2018 Windows 7 still has 40% of market share so there is 40% chance you are having issues planning, testing and/or executing your Windows 10 migration . You already started a migration that is not moving as fast as expected, or having issue starting it ? We will just start with summary […]
11 Apr, 2019

Easily test SCCM WQL queries in powershell

Just a quick post on an SCCM powershell cmdlet that is not referenced well enough on the web for running and testing your SCCM WQL queries: Invoke-CMWmiQuery (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/configurationmanager/invoke-cmwmiquery?view=sccm-ps) It allows you, without connecting to WMI / without specifying your server name or site code or the namespace that you have to google every time. This […]
10 Oct, 2018

What Facebook flaw and Windows 10 1809 bug have in common

2018 is definitely a particular year for IT industry, never that many IT news went out of specialized blogs / sites. Spectre, Facebook Cambridge Analytics data leak, Google flaw and recently Facebook view as vulnerability, Windows 10 1809 deleting data. But today I will focus on the 2 latest ones, with 5 questions, why ? […]
28 Sep, 2018
junk email
13 Jul, 2018

why you are in SPAM folder for O365 users

Just learned few new things today, except the “test your config before sending mass mailing”. So I went step by step through the process of identifying why Office 365 is identifying my email as a spam. Let’s see how you can improve your email to avoid arrive in SPAM for Office 365 users. We won’t […]
5 Jul, 2018
2 Jul, 2018

Freshdesk Keycloak SAML Integration

Hello, Today I was trying to SSO everything for the users using Keycloak, and reached the point I had to integrate an helpdesk product. Went to freshdesk as the free plan allows SSO and basic features I needed, integration with freshchat was also a key feature for me, but that’s not the discussion there. I […]
8 Jun, 2018

Django Keycloak | Shadow accounts

If you are familiar with SAML / ADFS / Active Directory most probably you already heard about shadow account. Basically when integrating other company’s authentication into your application you have 2 options, either you support full claimed based authentication on your app, or you create “Shadow” account on your application and use those shadow account […]
8 Jun, 2018

Office 365 URL Redirect

You are using Office365 but would like to ensure users have best experience over o365 utilization and how to get where. Letsredirect allows you to do hostname to url redirect. One of the key steps is to provide easy to remember url for their tools. To do that we will use letsredirect from MeeStart that […]
8 Jun, 2018

Netscaler Express on AWS

Netscaler express allows now to have affordable third-party solution to protect your AWS cloud. Netscaler licences are free you just need a t2.medium instance, that will cost you like 40$/m. So why is that worth it ? Centralized publication of your services Security, with SSL Profiles as well as Cipher groups you can ensure you […]