28 Sep, 2018

Lean – Agile – Startup – ITIL What if everything was linked

As a start this article is more perpetual work in progress. But as I was writing notes, I thought why not taking note on the blog, so other can give their opinion or share stuff. So feel free. At the end would be some of the key books that were references for those thought.

Just to give a quick background on me, my interest, etc. I am Computer Science Engineer from EPFL / ETHZ universities (Switzerland). I spent the last few years as System Engineer, a field that lacks of skilled engineer and maybe a bit of positive visibility. But as things are moving our job is a bit alone it its organization mainly in large organizations. People are talking about small batches, cross-functional teams, continuous improvement and in most of large companies , IT is too focused on following technological trends and not organizational trends.

Eric Ries is giving a strong input regarding the 5 whys and how to avoid the 5 blames. In many companies the 5 blames are in places without any attempt to go for the 5 whys. And one of the way to avoid that is definitely cross-functional team. It doesn’t make sens to keep network team, virtualization team, storage team, it’s just the perfect organization for the 5 blames, we don’t need to find the responsible, we need to find a solution to avoid any repetition of the mistake.

Cross-functional team, where anyone feel responsible at every level.

But is cross-functional linked to flat organization ? I guess in some sens. We even call it that way in IT, you do Level 1 support, or Level 2, or after some experience you become an architect. Business analysts are a totally other species most probably near the sales. So sales selling things, level 1 providing quick fix to users, level 2-3 doing troubleshooting and setup while the architect is designing the solution, and all this in a super hierarchical organization doesnt’ make sens right ?

OK Let me continue this later.



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