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8 May, 2019

Windows 10 Migration what are the key points?

As of July 2018 Windows 7 still has 40% of market share so there is 40% chance you are having issues planning, testing and/or executing your Windows 10 migration . You already started a migration that is not moving as fast as expected, or having issue starting it ? We will just start with summary […]
10 Oct, 2018

What Facebook flaw and Windows 10 1809 bug have in common

2018 is definitely a particular year for IT industry, never that many IT news went out of specialized blogs / sites. Spectre, Facebook Cambridge Analytics data leak, Google flaw and recently Facebook view as vulnerability, Windows 10 1809 deleting data. But today I will focus on the 2 latest ones, with 5 questions, why ? […]
28 Sep, 2018