5 Jul, 2018

MeeStart is launching it’s first web application, Let’s Redirect as well as its IT Portal

Dear all,


MeeStart is happy to release the first service from its innovation platform. MeeStart innovation platform allows anyone to develop their ideas faster and at lower cost by finding the best people to collaborate.


The platform will be released in production end of july, but it is already providing its first web application: Let’s Redirect, a hostname redirect webservice particularly useful for cloud enabled companies.


MeeStart IT Services is also releasing its portal, that is the central point for all MeeStart customers. It brings in one place a view on all services provided by MeeStart as well as direct access to MeeStart’s tools such as service desk, account management, invoicing etc.


Let’s Redirect https://letsredirect.com
  • Provides your users with easy-to-remember URL
  • Particularly useful for cloud services such as Office365, AWS S3, etc.
  • Allows you to redirect any hostname to any URL
  • Starting price at 20$ / year (less than 2$/month)
  • Subscription and more info at https://letsredirect.com


  • Single portal for all existing services and new inquiries
  • Brings a new way to collaborate with your IT Provider
  • Gives a central place to look for existing solutions and get help solving  your new challenges.
  • And more to come…
We are looking forward to seeing you soon, in the meantime if you have any question please contact us at info@meestart.com.


Best Regards,


Philippe PAUTEX
Engineer / Founder
MeeStart Sàrl

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