Category: End-User Devices

8 May, 2019

Windows 10 Migration what are the key points?

As of July 2018 Windows 7 still has 40% of market share so there is 40% chance you are having issues planning, testing and/or executing your Windows 10 migration . You already started a migration that is not moving as fast as expected, or having issue starting it ? We will just start with summary […]
11 Apr, 2019

Easily test SCCM WQL queries in powershell

Just a quick post on an SCCM powershell cmdlet that is not referenced well enough on the web for running and testing your SCCM WQL queries: Invoke-CMWmiQuery ( It allows you, without connecting to WMI / without specifying your server name or site code or the namespace that you have to google every time. This […]
4 Apr, 2018

SCCM Error 0x80240020 feature update

In case you are using servicing to deploy your feature updates, you might get updates stuck with error codeĀ 0x80240020. Whenever you click on retry it fails very quickly, too fast to be true. Indeed the real error the first time you try to install the update is 0xC1900208 (That is also 1047526904), error that you […]