10 Oct, 2018

What Facebook flaw and Windows 10 1809 bug have in common

2018 is definitely a particular year for IT industry, never that many IT news went out of specialized blogs / sites. Spectre, Facebook Cambridge Analytics data leak, Google flaw and recently Facebook view as vulnerability, Windows 10 1809 deleting data. But today I will focus on the 2 latest ones, with 5 questions, why ? (yes 5 not 1)

But what does 2 issues have in common ? Both are directly related to known to be super risky features. I worked previously on implementing feature similar to KFR (Known folder redirection) as we were leveraging Folder redirection and onedrive years ago to implement similar feature in Enterprises environments. Some of the development projects I also worked on had a “view as” feature. If I had to list the 2 projects I had nightmare reviewing code again and again, checking with all possible colleagues and testing everything here are both of them. For the KFR project we were also reviewing every single feedback and feedback to management for every single one. Why ? because we were moving user’s data along.

So know we should review the same questions adding this dimension:

  1. Why was feedback ignored knowing that one of the feature added was highly sensible to data loss.
  2. Why was testing not properly performed / externalized knowing that those features were highly sensible. 
  3. Why was it released if known to be not stable enough knowing that  those features were highly sensible. 

This is were I don’t have any insight but might be a quite high probability that the bold part was not taken seriously enough, this might be a risk of Agile organizations, having cross-functional teams and probably lacking cross-functional highly technical management. Product owner should definitely have the technical background and technical implication to raise those red-flags and include that in the user story or whatever feature description used.

4. Why isn’t there any red-flag feature management  allowing at day 1 to identify projects that will have very sensible impact on the overall product.

5a. Why wasn’t it raised for those features

5b. Why if raised was that not enough.



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